Litigation Victory Fund

The Litigation Victory Fund is designed to direct your donations directly to the battle in the courts. We have been fighting the legal battles for decades here in California and bringing forward cases that will have lasting impacts across the country. Never have we seen the court battles as fast and furious as in recent decisions. We are winning, and the positive rulings we are securing are based on sound constitutional analysis. Our legal team is literally working around the clock to handle multiple cases that affect your rights as a gun owner in California, and we cannot stop now when we are so close to securing the final ruling in many of these cases.


Some of the current cases we are supporting are:

Richards v. Newsom (Challenge to FFL Recording SB 1384)

May v. Bonta (Challenge to SB 2 Sensitive Places for CCW Carry)

Boland v. Bonta (Challenge to the CA Handgun Roster)

Junior Sports Magazine v. Bonta (Challenge to Marketing to Youth)

Rhode v. Bonta (Challenge to the ammunition restrictions)

Duncan v. Bonta (Challenge to the magazine capacity restrictions)

Rupp v. Bonta (Challenge to the "Assault Weapon" laws)

B & L Productions v. Bonta and Newsom (Two cases- Challenging the ban on gun shows on CA state property)

             *To donate to a specific case, please note this in the comment section below.

Thank you for your support to make sure that we reach those litigation victories and continue to protect the rights of all gun owners in California.

All donations to the Litigation Victory Fund are tax-deductible contributions to The CRPA Foundation for litigation programs.


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