Quarantine Breakout Pistol Challenge

Type: Event
Price: $20.00


Break out of Quarantine Blues and Get Back To the Range!

CRPA encourages all gun owners, new and experienced to head to their local range, and shoot a postal match type challenge. Guidelines are provided and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Just pay your entry fee, download your certified CRPA targets and head to the range. Shoot your best shots at the targets and get your friendly range safety officer to sign off on your completion. Send in your target to CRPA and wait for scoring announcement.

Each participant will received a certificate of participation, a special event patch and top three winners in Northern California, Central, and Southern California will receive a medal. It could be you (as long as you get off that quarantine couch)!

We will score and award medals each month for everyone that shoots the challenge in any given month.

Good Luck!


(Please note that the local range fees are not included in the registration fee to participate in the challenge.)

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